PeerDB UI - Deeper Dive: Part 1

PeerDB UI - Deeper Dive: Part 1

At PeerDB, we are building a fast and cost-effective way to replicate data from Postgres to Data Warehouses such as BigQuery, Snowflake and ClickHouse.

When building PeerDB UI, we wanted it to be minimal but effective. Features were driven by what the customers really needed, while keeping the bloat low. For this article, I've asked the team to share their favorite part about the UI.

Replication Slot Growth Chart

This chart shows the size of slot in GB over time.

Activity Monitor

This view captures all the activity and connections open for the database.

Slack Alerts

Alerting configuration for Slack, back to our minimal roots, where we show the configured alerts channel.

Mirror Rows Over Time

A simple histogram view over time where we see the number of rows synced.

Timezone Selector

Simple touch to select the timezones.


These are just a glimpse of PeerDB UI. We tried to cover some of the features that make PeerDB UI unique and helpful. I'm hoping that we add a lot more of these useful features.

We hope you enjoyed reading the blog. If you're a Postgres user and wish to replicate data from Postgres to Snowflake/BigQuery/ClickHouse using PeerDB, please check out the links below or reach out to us directly!

  1. Try PeerDB Cloud for free.

  2. Visit PeerDB's GitHub repository to Get Started.