PG Slot Notify: Monitor Postgres Slot Growth in Slack

PG Slot Notify: Monitor Postgres Slot Growth in Slack

We're excited to launch pgslot-notify-bot, our latest open-source tool designed to surface the well-known issue of replication slot growth in PostgreSQL, as highlighted in this earlier article. This tool is useful for database administrators to preemptively tackle problems associated with replication slot size increases, ensuring smooth database operations.


  • Monitoring: Checks the size of PostgreSQL replication slots at specified intervals.

  • Slack Alerts: Instant notifications to a designated Slack channel for quick action. Tags @channel for slots that exceed the threshold otherwise just posts a message.

  • Easy Setup: Simple configuration with an .env file, allowing quick deployment. There is also a docker-compose.yaml for those who prefer that.

  • Adjustable Thresholds: Users can set size limits to suit their database needs.



We see this bot to evolve to monitor other common issues that arise when replicating data in PostgreSQL, be it number of open connections or contentions by looking at wait_event andwait_event_types.

Get Involved

Try out the pgslot-notify-bot, and file issues or contribute if you'd want to see more features. Leave a star ⭐ if you like it!